Ghosts! Are they real?

Haunted PLQ building

I am a Security Officer/Tech-Medic on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. I have been assigned duty at Pump Station 3, mile 316 of the Dalton Hwy. This station is supposed to be shutting down, but as I am here working, it obviously has not.

There are several abandoned buildings that are without power or services. One of them is an old 3-story PLQ (Personal Living Quarters). I was told it was haunted. Being a sceptic I said Yeah right. What ever! Yesterday was my first Internal Patrol of the PLQ. No lights, and frozen (it's January above the Arctic Circle). So, yeah, a little spooky, but everything up here is spooky on some level. I had just entered the building and was beginning to investigate when a phone in an old office started ringing. I couldn't find it at first. Then when I went to pick it up (it rang in my hands as I was picking it up - I did not imagine this!) the phone was dead. Nothing, no ring tone, no power. O.K. creepy. As I set the receiver down more phones somewhere in the building began to ring. I told myself F- this! I'm outa here. Someone is messing with me. I then went to our mechanic shop, and called the only people on site and off site who might have access to the old PLQ phone number listings. They couldn't figure out why I was asking, and repeatedly told me that I couldn't have heard a phone. There's no power or service there. At lunch, the old lead-tech told me that several of these stations are haunted and proceeded to regale me with other spooky encounters. Maybe I was hallucinating for the first time in my life, but I would swear on any document that is what happened.

by Jamie Newton

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