Ghosts! Are they real?

Do you live in a haunted house?

From what I understand and also from what I have been able to gather by doing a little research into the subject, is that most paranormal researchers believe there are three basic types of haunting's. The most common of these is the residual imprint or memory type of haunting. The other less common is the intelligent haunt and third is the demonic or evil spirit type of haunting, which is supposedly the most rare and uncommon. Some paranormal researchers also believe there is a fourth type of haunting or what they like to refer to as poltergeist activity.

Residual haunting

I used to somewhat of a skeptic and I believed that a residual or memory imprint type of haunting was pure bunk. My attitude was, that any residual sounds or apparitions that may be heard or seen was nothing more than an over active imagination and probably caused by the eeriness and spookiness of the surroundings themselves. But after some thought and deliberation on the idea of a memory or residual imprint type of haunting, I have come to the conclusion that a haunting of this nature is not only possible but is probable in some cases. I have come to this conclusion or realization, after thinking about how sounds and even images are captured using analog and digital audio and video recording devices and equipment.

If magnetic tape, digital media or even celluloid film can imprint upon itself the voices and/or images from the past, then I see absolutely no reason why it would also not be possible for any event to imprint itself upon the actual physical environment near where that event occurred. According to the laws of physics, at least the way I understand them, is that all matter which has mass is composed of electromagnetic energy. This energy is confined within the space of the atoms. The atoms and the subatomic or quantum particles within them, such as the electrons, neutrons, protons, etc, are also particles of electromagnetic energy as described by string theory. If this is true, and if you believe in the theories of quantum mechanics, then I absolutely have to believe that every energy generating event, from the smallest non-consequential to the most significant would somehow be imprinted upon the electromagnetic fields of matter within that environment. The environment near where that event occurred, like the walls, the ceiling, the floors and even the other objects within that space may be affected on a subatomic or quantum level by that energy. The electromagnetic fields of the matter within those items may be temporarily or perhaps even permanently altered. And under certain conditions or circumstances it may be possible that these events that were captured in this manner, by the environment could be played back again and again as long as the same elements of matter are in the vicinity where these events occurred.

High energy events or perhaps even the people themselves who once inhabited a particular house or location would probably have had a greater influence on the electromagnetic structure of the environment and surroundings than more mundane events would have had. And this I think is why paranormal researchers would be more likely to encounter this type of activity or haunting.

Intelligent haunting

The second type of haunting is the intelligent haunt. This is the type of haunting where there is an actual entity or entities. Like I say on the home page of this site, I do believe that the ghost or spirit of a person who has passed away, may continue to exist in our reality for some time. If these ghosts or entities do exist than I think they may be able to communicate with us if they so desire, and they may also be able to manipulate energy and matter just enough to form an apparition and become visible. I also believe that anyone who is sincere about investigating the paranormal should focus their attention on the intelligent haunt, because if it can be validated it would help prove the existence of life after death and the continuation of our consciousness after death. .

Demonic haunting

The third type of haunting is the demonic or evil spirit type. Again, like I have said on the home page of this website, I personally do not believe in demons, devils or other entities of that nature. I believe that these ideas have been placed in our collective consciousness by religion. They have been placed there by religious leaders throughout the centuries to help keep their followers in line and in a state of fear. I compare it to parents who tell their small children that the boogie man will get them if they don't mind, or do as their told. If there are evil spirits, I do not believe they are demons or devils from Hell or anywhere else. They are most likely the souls of individuals who may have died, and were evil in life and are now, the evil spirits. If the ghosts of people like Adolph Hitler and others like him still walk the earth, then these are the evil spirits that many have come to fear, and perhaps rightly so.

Poltergeist Activity

The fourth type of haunting is of the poltergeist type. Poltergeist activity is simply unexplained noises, doors opening and closing on their own, lights going on and off, or objects being moved. These things are sometimes attributed to psycho-kinetic events usually caused by someone. According to the best theory, it usually involves an adolescent girl who may be experiencing emotional turmoil in her life. I'm very open minded toward this type of haunting because I personally have had a psycho-kinetic type event in my own life that I cannot explain, and that I believe to be very real. There are even some main stream scientists who believe that this type of activity may be possible.

Others believe that the ghost or spirit itself may have psycho-kinetic abilities of their own and this most likely is how the ghost or spirit may be able to manipulate matter, or move objects. A ghost if real obviously does not have the physical attributes like arms, legs or hands to move physical objects.

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