Ghosts! Are they real?

Where spirits reside

I used to be very skeptical of the paranormal and did not believe in ghosts at all. But because of my interest in electronic voice phenomenon and some other personal experiences I have had, I have become more of a believer and I now feel that ghosts most likely are real and that there is most likely something to the paranormal. And it is probable that our souls do continue to exist after the end of our physical life's. And if it is true that ghosts exist, then I have also wondered where these ghosts or spirits reside. I have often asked myself, do they exist within our realm of reality, but perhaps on a much more subtle level, or do they reside in an entirely different realm of existence such as another dimension, or perhaps even in another time, or maybe even in another universe.


Some main stream Christian denominations believe that ghosts probably exist in a state of purgatory, needing to work through the sins of their lives before being allowed to enter the gates of Heaven or being banned to the eternal damnation of Hell. Others may believe that these spirits or ghosts, are for some reason, either earth bound or trapped between realities, and they, the ghosts either don't want to move on to the afterlife (whatever that may be) because of fear of the retribution they may receive, for transgressions and sins that they may have committed in their lives. Perhaps it is also true that they don't want to leave our reality because they feel they have unfinished business, or they don't want to leave because of an intense emotional attachment they may have to a living person or person's, or that they may feel the need to comfort a grieving loved one. And I suppose it is also possible that some ghosts or spirits are comfortable with their existence in our reality, and they feel familiar with it and just don't want to leave. I suppose it is also possible that some ghosts do not realize they're deceased, because their death was sudden and unexpected, such as battlefield casualties in war, auto accidents or even murder victims, or anyone who may have died suddenly and very abruptly.

Most main stream scientists are extremely skeptical of ghosts and the paranormal in general. Most of these scientifically minded people believe that the paranormal is nothing more than an overactive imagination, or at worst may even be a symptom of mental illness. But I also suppose there are some scientists, who may be just open minded enough, to at least believe in the possibility that the paranormal is real. And I would also suppose, that the ones who do believe in the possibility of the paranormal, probably would believe that spirits or ghosts reside in another dimension (As string theory indicates, there may be 10 or possibly even 11 spatial dimensions) or perhaps even in another time. Albert Einstein believed, as part of his famous theory of relativity that the past, present and future all exists simultaneously. And if what, Dr. Einstein believed about space and time is true, than that could possibly explain what some ghosts might be, and where they might exist. Ghosts may be nothing more than a fleeting glimpse of someone from the past through an ultra-thin part of the veil that separates the dimensions of time, past, present and future. And who knows, perhaps people from the future may even view us as ghosts for the same reason. I suppose it may even be possible to interact, to a limited degree with these people from the past, and that I think could explain EVP or electronic voice phenomenon.

By Martin Burns