Ghosts! Are they real?

A tragic loss

My son was killed by a DUI driver in 2003. Immediately after his passing, while talking to a visitor to my house, the visitor fainted. She later told me that while talking to me, she could see my son laying on the couch next to us, watching and listening to us talk. A school custodian reported that as she had locked up the gymnasium and secured it, she heard a bouncing basketball. When she went to investigate, she could see my son playing basketball. Her husband walking up behind her a moment later also could see him playing basketball. Another student reported while watching television in her living room, my son walked into her living room in front of her with bright white light radiating out from him, told her everything was okay, and then walked away. My brother while walking across a gym floor in Fort Worth reported seeing his nephew with arms reaching out to him. As he reached to grab his nephew, his nephew faded away. I saw a young man wandering around the cemetery, looking like a visitor just looking around. He was dressed in white clothing and seemed to glow. As I approached, the young man walked behind a tall headstone. I could find no one in the cemetery, but got a strong feeling that the individual was my son. At the end of the last school year, a custodian was cleaning the windows on the double doors of the gym. She watched a H.S. boy who had been working out, walk across the floor towards the doors where she was cleaning. Just before he got to the doors, she made eye contact with him, he smiled at her, when she opened the door for him, and he was not there. Her son reported later; while in class, he and his friend watched a H.S. boy appear in the front of the class, watching the screen for several minutes, then fade away. Later when mother and son both saw pictures of my son, they both identified him as my son.

(He has been observed in full-body form numerous times.) He was reported to always be radiating bright white light. These are just a few of reported sightings. A lady said that he spoke to her and that his voice was clear and distinct.

By Hugh Mantooth

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