Ghosts! Are they real?

Voices in my head

A few paranormal occurrences happened and attracted my curiosity after I had turned 27. During that time I was still fresh from college and had a few work experiences but was unemployed. I was living with my parents and my brothers and sisters; quite a wholesome family and healthful environment. There were no deaths or anything material or historical in the house or on the piece of land which would induce, invite or invoke spiritual activities, as the popular and wide belief.

The occurrences were mostly bewildering or better yet, wonderful, except a few that were somewhat hair-raising but not really frightening or spectacularly scary. The most dreadful and annoying was the male and female voice(s) inside my head. What is perplexing in this paranormal mystery (ordeal) is the voice(s) is not heard through the ears but inside your head. It is not and is entirely different from your thought. Your mind functions normally but the voice(s) just keeps on saying things uninterruptedly inside your head ... all kinds of things, including derision's, disbelief, dismay on you to the point of breaking you down and making you hopeless. They know everything about you, what you've done, including your quilts. They even have conversations! The worst part is the voice(s) begins and resumes anytime and anywhere you are. Sleep is hard to come, eventually leading to insomnia.

There was nothing I knew to expunge the voice(s) therefore there was nothing I could do. I tried going to church. The weather had been stormy during that time but a thunderstorm suddenly erupted the minute I entered the church. The voice began saying things uninterruptedly and unperturbed by my prayers and the priest's lead. All the symbols of Jesus Christ, the church itself, prayers, direct priest's blessings as well as Catholic rituals were of no use. I went home walking through flood and blinding lightning's and deafening thunders overhead that evening. For the insomnia, I had to consult a doctor. Medium strength sleeping capsules and tranquilizing syrup were the prescription. The prescription sometimes worked, sometimes didn't and when it didn't I went sleepless but no more than three days. Sleep came no matter what on the fourth day. A 20-minute sleep felt like I had slept a full 8 hours.

I can no longer remember how long this ordeal lasted, I guess 2 or 3 weeks. It dissipated and disappeared by itself, but it was really dreadful while it lasted. I suffered.

The good paranormal has not left me completely alone after all these years. They still visit me no matter how rarely. I guess because they know they are my only genuine extraordinary friends. They are bewildering and wonderful.

by parawonder